Avocado Rose

We’ve come a long way from just eating to survive.. and since playing with food was always fun, why not prettily arrange it into a flower? Now the avocado rose has been trending all over social media and although I have showed it on my Snapchat several times people still message me about how to do it. So I decided to share it here and help you to pimp your pasta bowl, salad, brunch table or avocado toast into an “almost-too-beautiful-to-eat” dish.

1. Pick the perfect Avocado:

You’ll need to find an avocado that is not too hard, but also not too soft. Ripe avocados are easy to peel while with an unripe fruit, the peel will just stick to the flesh instead of lifting right off. BUT, if you select one that is overly ripe, the avo will be too soft and mushy, making it difficult to finely slice. Give hard avocados a couple more days, use the really ripe ones for yummy guacamole. A slightly soft avocado, that had just recently ripened is your best bet for making an avocado rose.

2. Cutting, peeling & slicing:

As a cutting surface it’s best to choose a plate, so you can easily slide the fragile art piece onto your target. Cut the avocado lengthwise into halves and remove the pit. Peel the halves and place them on the plate with the cut side down. One avocado half is enough for one avocado rose. Thinly slice the half as shown above. The more slices you manage to fit into one avocado half the more petals the avocado rose will have.

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