Escaping with Burberry

When a brand that you’ve known and admired your whole life, a brand you wore as a child because your mom also loved it, wants to work with you, well, this is another dream come true!

Burberry asked me to go on a journey with the new Mr Burberry Indigo fragrance and to create some content around it, but only during the blue hour, which is a short period of twilight in the morning and in the evening. Its citrus woody scent, due to the notes of lemon oil and rosemary, is so fresh and really makes you want to escape and seek freedom!

I’ve been traveling with Mr Burberry Indigo ever since and have taken it all the way to Marrakech, California, Paris, the French Riviera and Portugal! When I travel I’m always looking for inspiration, for the right location and mood to shoot.. I usually never shoot during the blue hour, but this was a new challenge and I was happy to accept it!

Full article on: Omocado

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