How I take and edit my Instagram / Blog pictures

If you want to start a blog, get professional with Instagram or simply spice up your feed a little bit: pictures are they key. Appealing pictures that reflect who you are and what you are all about will catch people’s attention and will keep them wanting to see more. Since I always get so many questions about how I take and edit my pictures, I thought I would dedicate this blog post to the topic.

Who takes my pictures?

So before you we even get started with talking about equipment or editing you have to find someone to take the picture for you. Oftentimes, this will be the hardest step. Most of my pictures are taken by my sister Julia, who has an excellent eye for good shots, because she herself is an Instagram & Blog “consumer”. If you don’t have a sibling or a friend to take pictures for you- don’t worry!

If Julia isn’t available or doesn’t feel like taking pictures (again haha) I oftentimes give my camera to my mom. To be fair: it is hard to get your parents to take nice pictures, but with the following tips you will even get them to take “Instagram-able” shots:

Show them what you want. Print out inspiration pictures of Instagram shots/ images that you like so that they know what exactly it is that you are looking after.
Tell them what crop the picture should be. Do you want a full length shot? A portrait? Or a mid-length shot from just above the knees? Telling them how much you want to be visible on the picture will make a huge difference, since it will keep them from taking shots from the most random angles and accidently cutting off your head.
Be patient and thankful. It will take some time for them to get used to the whole picture taking thing, but they will get there eventually. Always be super nice and grateful after they have taken pictures, because that way they are more likely to invest time into a photo session with you again.
Oh and the above tips also work very well for the boyfriends, that are not yet used to the whole Instagram/Blog game.

From time to time I also work together with photographers who email me or who I contact, which then shoot with me. I love doing this, because it saves me a lot of picture processing and editing time. However, it is essential that the photographer understands your “picture style”, because otherwise the pictures might look a little out of place in your Instagram feed/blog context.

These pictures for example where shot by Kyle (check out his Instagram here) in Cape Town, who is a super nice guy, reads my blog and whose photography style fits really well with the vibe of my pictures…

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