Java Island

With a population of over 141 million, Java is the most populous island in the world and home to some of the most breath-taking locations our eyes have ever seen. During our trip through this beautiful Indonesian island, we saw active volcanoes in mid-eruption, an amazing waterfall and the world’s largest acid lake which is located inside the Ijen Crater.

Our pictures and story have recently been featured in award-winning online magazine iGNANT.

In January, we spent two weeks in Bali and while we were there we decided to join a three-day trip to the neighbour island Java. We didn’t know a lot about Indonesia, so we simply would not have been able to visit Java without Indotravelteam, a team of people who organize extreme and unusual trips to this incredible island. We do not like tours in general, because we normally always travel on our own, but we heard about these guys and how good they were. It would have been a hassle to organize such an extreme trip and we knew that they were more of adventure team rather than just a tour, so we decided to go for it and we were not disappointed! A special thanks goes to our experienced and cheerful guide Pierrick, which amused us not only with his funny stories during the whole trip, but with his French accent. He listened and communicated with us with such an open mind and heart. Despite the fact that our tour was not always so comfortable, and sometimes hard and dangerous, it was worth it! I hope our pictures will show you the power of nature and the beauty which surrounded us in Java!

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