My Eclectic Interior Style

Welcome to my home! I’ve featured corners of my Berlin apartment a lot on Instagram but never really here on the blog. The feel of the apartment is definitely eclectic; a collection of things I’ve gathered on travels, markets and from living in different places. You might know that both my husband and I grew up mostly in Asia so we have a lot of things from the places we’ve collectively lived in like Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand and from Europe France, UK, Germany and of course some things I brought from Argentina as well.

When we moved to Berlin we didn’t have that much actual furniture because we had a furnished flat in London. He inherited a house from his German grandmother, fully furnished which was basically a time capsule back to the 50′s and 60′s. Sadly we couldn’t take all of the things but I managed to salvage some wooden office chairs, a Danish mid century green sofa (very Mad Men) with two upholstered chairs and my beloved french comode which I painted light grey in an attack of DIY home improvement projects.

I love antique markets and there’s so many in Berlin so I started slowly collecting precious objects over the 6 years I’ve been here. My prized possesion? The silver floor lamp with the original marble base (not a new replica) which I got for 80€. While me and my best friend Jeff were waiting for a taxi I had 3 people come up and offer me more money for it, but I couldn’t part with it!

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