Sri Lanka Recap

Hello loves! We are just back from our Sri Lanka trip and it was one of the best trips I ever did. I always heard good things about this country and was very excited to go, but I never thought it would be this amazing, with such beautiful landscapes, it has so much to offer, the mountains, the beaches, all the temples, the activities you can do, the very spicy but delicious food and best of all – all the wonderful people we met! Our trip was planned for three weeks, while we would spend 5 days in the Maldives. During those three weeks we would go around the south part of the island, which would fit perfectly in our time frame. In the end we were so in love with Sri Lanka and all the places we had visited that we extended our trip and stayed for another week, so it was 4 weeks in total and the best 4 weeks ever!

So let’s start with the Sri Lanka Recap which I promised I would make. Here I will guide you how we did our trip, step to step, showing you where we slept, where we ate and what we visited. I will also link to separate blogposts that we did from every location so you can get some more insights.

Let’s start!


Kandy & Kegalle Elephant Freedom Project

After driving 3 hours from Negombo to Kandy we checked into our hotel we had booked the night before, it’s called Meili Lanka City Hotel and it was very nice, nicer than I expected, very big and clean rooms with AC, we payed 18 euros for the night. We only stayed in Kandy for one night because we were going to visit the Elephant Freedom Project in Kegalle and to take the train to Ella the next morning, therefor we didn’t see much of Kandy and don’t have any other recommendations, I’ve heard it is very nice though where you can visit the tea factories and the temples.

Right after we had checked in to the hotel a driver came to pick us up from The Elephant Freedom Project that we had booked in advance, we payed 5000 Sri Lankan Rupees for the pick up and for them to bring us back to Kandy and it took around 1 hours to drive there. We actually drove back the same way we had arrived, so we could have just driven straight from Negombo to Kegalle, but we didn’t think so far… Anyways, the Elephant Freedom Project was one of the highlights of our trip and I really recommend you to visit it if you are in Sri Lanka and up for visiting elephants. It is a freedom project which rescues elephants from other parks where they allow riding, where they do tricks or other un natural things for elephants. At the Elephant Freedom Project you help to take care of the elephants instead, and just have a really nice day together with the team!

Train from Kandy to Ella

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