The Elysian Boutique Villa Hotel

It’s time to show you some of the places we stayed at while we were in Bali last December. On our first two nights in Bali we stayed at The Elysian Boutique Villa Hotel. Unfortunately we had bad luck with the weather and couldn’t take more pictures on those days! Our private Villa was really big, a very nice and spacious room and living room and with the most amazing private pool! The living room had big glass windows from which you could see the pool and the exterior terrace, what a place! Definitely the ideal choice for couples looking for some privacy and some quality time with their partners, which is exactly what we wanted. A highlight for the both of us here was the incredible bathroom and shower! I posted already a couple of pictures on Instagram, including this first image you see here, several weeks ago, and they turned out to be some of my most liked pictures! I mean, total bathroom goals!

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