Travel Tips

One of the greatest things about travelling a lot is learning little tips and strategies for making long haul flights as stress free as possible. I’m one of those people who usually overpacks (mainly because of tough shoe decisions) and would rather take everything than risk forgetting something but over time I’ve fine tuned my packing habits as well as my in flight routine.

Here are some tips I’d like to share with you to make your travels more enjoyable no matter how often you fly!

1. Comfy clothes is a must but leave the PJ’s in the suitcase! I usually wear my most comfortable jeans but I’ve seen people in full blown sweats and t shirts on a business class flight. This is a major no no for me. It’s a flight not a slumber party! If you want to wear sweats and some nice sneakers that’s fine but make sure to pair it with a loose blouse or a tailored jacket to keep it smart. Some people wear their heaviest/bulkiest in flight but I like lightweight materials for ultimate comfort.

2. Dark colors: wearing darker shades helps you avoid looking a mess if you spill something mid flight during turbulence.

3. Minimal make up. It can be very tempting to wear mascara and foundation but I find its better to mix a little foundation with my day cream, dab some lipstick with my lipbalm and call it a day. On landing I slip into the bathroom and apply the rest so I land looking fresh and polished.

4. Packing rules: I usually take a carry on with me on board because I don’t put valuables in checked luggage since I had the unfortunate incident of having things stolen once. Since then I make sure I have jewellery, handbags and any electronic devices safely with me. I also take a change of clothes (underwear, socks, a tshirt or dress) in case my bag gets lost…

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