Villa Paz & Villa Mar Bali

Back in Europe and dreaming of these amazing Villas! Aren’t they really something? You probably already saw all of the stories we shared and also some pictures of the bathroom on Instragam. We can’t wait to visit Bali and stay here again! The owners are the loveliest couple from Portugal who really pay attention to detail. 

Both Villa Mar and Villa Paz have just a couple of rooms and a pool, all with similar decoration, but with some different details to make each one of them unique and very special. We stayed in two different rooms, in a one at Villa Paz and in an room at Villa Mar. These Villas are just the perfect place to relax and enjoy a quiet holiday by the pool surrounded by great design. The rooms are very bright which make them ideal to take pictures, and this also helps to have less mosquitoes. It’s hard to find a place in Bali which has no mosquitoes, we stayed in many other hotels which had hundreds of them and we had to be sure to keep everything closed and and we had to always keep the bed covered with the mosquito net. Here we also used the net, but we saw like a couples mosquitos and we only used the net at night. The shower in the room is huge and have no ceiling. You can actually shower and see the moon or enjoy the sun during the day, it was just amazing!

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