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Hello loves, today’s post opens up a new category on the MIKUTA blog! From now on you will find “Interior”, which in my opinion goes hand in hand with fashion and style in a broader sense anyways.

This in mind we thought it was time (necessary) to focus more on design and to upgrade our apartment, especially our bedroom/ office! I used to have a lot of pink details in my room until some weeks ago – but since Klemens and me “share” this room, he kind of couldn’t see it anymore. We got rid of the pink curtains, pink pillows, pink rug, pink candles and toned everything massively down, went for a more “all shades of grey-look”, more designy (and also a little bit more grown-up…). 😉

The bed got the most dramatic facelift and is the center of attention ever since – as you might have noticed! I love to stay up late and to sleep long in the mornings – and the cosier the bed, the easier it simply is! I am in love with this grey linen-duvet and -pillows as well as that massive dark grey knit blanket, that just makes a great impact… I wanted those woolen pompoms on the bottom of the duvet – so right now I am occasionally spending some time off the computer in the evenings, to make them myself!

Okay – but all those things are just (a very beautiful) surface for what really matters: muun! muun is the name our new mattress answers to – the cosiest, most comfortable (and best looking) mattress I have ever slept on! It consists of two layers, of each you can choose between two sides – which sums up to four combinations in total: The top layer has one side that is very airy and cooler (it got holes inside), and one that is made out of memory-foam – that’s my personal favourite! The bottom-layer, which is the basis of muun, comes with a harder and a softer side.

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