80s Style Red Moto Jacket

I’m wearing: Vintage jacket (or HERE)/ H&M Trend sweater (or HERE)/ H&M Trend jeans/ Stan Smith sneakers

Forget about 70s, 80s are back in full swing and are going to be huge this year. Luckily enough, I was all sorted when I got my hands on this red moto jacket back in September for Paris Fashion Week. Cause there is nothing that screams 80s louder than power shoulders on this jacket. Even though it might get some confused looks on the streets, sometimes getting extreme with odd proportions is absolutely necessarily for my creative calling. Plus, its prominent shoulders come in handy when I need to knock some people out to make my way on the subway. Kind of badass, and with those hoop earrings – there is definitely a lot to fear! What can I say, this jacket is apparently the solution to all of my problems.


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