Black & White

Hi folks, this is Klemens and here I proudly present my first blogpost! As you might have read, Jacks (Mikuta) and I thought about incorporating looks for guys on the Mikuta blog. I want honest critic and opinions on that from you! 😉


Some words about me: I am Klemens, Jacqueline’s boyfriend since nearly three years and co-founder and partner in our blog! I started out studying drums here in Berlin, playing in several bands and touring around Europe… Later I decided to step back from drumming a little – and not to go all in forever with this – cause it became more and more clear to me, that being a musician in my case meant being away from “home” basically all the time. This condition increases with success… you know where I am going with this. I dived into photography and started out building the Mikuta blog with Jacks six month ago, which has been an amazing project so far and I really love where this is going!


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