My SkinCeuticals Favourites

Hey beautiful,

A few weeks ago I got some new skin care products from SkinCeuticals and I wanted to introduce you to my favourites 🙂

One of my favourites was the Serum 10, which is a Vitamin C antioxidant that both helps reducing fine lines and wrinkles and protects you from environmental damage. It makes your skin super smooth and shining, without leaving it appear too oily or fat.
Furthermore I loved the eye cream as I think that it is really important to start supporting our thinner skin around the eyes to avoid an early aging of the skin.
As a daily cream I used the “Metacell Renewal B3“, which pulls in really fast and gives your skin the needed hydration and helps to reclarify your skin tone.
My secret highlight was the “Mineral Matte UV Defense“, which has a SPF 30 but at the same time it is an oil absorbing base that gives you a beautiful matte finish.

After doing a skin analysis around two months ago I really feel like taking better care of my skin as I could already see some tiny changes/damages under the surface due to lack of hydration or sun affects. So now I really feel like protecting and supporting it to keep it even and young looking 🙂

Full article on: Matiamu by Sofia