Romance In Venice

I’m wearing: Topshop blouse / Vintage shorts/ Chanel bag/ Mango boots/ Vintage beret

Venice has been a constant inspiration to me throughout our entire trip. And I know I already shared with you about a hundred of photos, but it is just so hard to put everything in words when there is so much beauty and you want to capture it all. And the whole magical and romantic vibe of the city obviously had its influence on my sartorial choices. While whenever I am in Düsseldorf or Amsterdam, I tend to dress more masculine and perhaps sometimes grungier, this time I felt like trying something more feminine. Therefore, my current favourite over the knee boots were obviously involved, but nothing made them look as good as this pair of vintage shorts. Both the boots and the shorts can be considered my best buys of the season and as long as I have these two in my suitcase, I fear nothing. Ok, perhaps I wouldn’t wear something like this when it is raining or the temperature is bellow 0°C. But for that we will always have Venice, won’t we?!

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